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Life is a journey of ups and downs, twists and turns–a journey all men must embark on. Life is a journey to be enjoyed and a journey to overcome as well–a hero’s journey filled with trials and hardships–a struggle filled with humor and accomplishment.

We are all on this journey, and how we present ourselves along the way affects the way we come out in the end–it affects the outcome of our everyday lives.

We, as men, must evolve and live through experience in order to conquer the quest that is set before us. There are four archetypes that every man must adopt in order to mature to his highest form:

The Lover

The Magician

The Warrior

The King

We may find ourselves unleashing one of these archetypes at various, specific moments in our lives, but it is when we evolve to adopt the ability to posses all of these archetypes, unleashing them at their appropriate times, that a power grows from within. It is then that man becomes king.