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Time to Re-BOOT!


Along with the changing seasons comes the alternating of clothing and, just as important, comes the modification of the footwear. This is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons–one of them is the rendition of boots back into the wardrobe.

Thankfully, fashion has pushed men into wider scopes of variety. Adding a boot to your outfit can increase the dynamic of the overall feel. Whether it’s a chukka, military or dress boot, it will definitely add some flavor to the ensemble.

“When your shoes are polished, so is your style.”

Military style should be worn casually or with streetwear type clothing. The dress boot is mainly reserved for suits and higher-end fashion pieces. Whereas, the chukka boot will be the middle ground and, depending on the type and brand you select, it can be used casually or with formal wear. Keep in mind the style of the boot and color will play the main role in whether it is deemed versatile enough to wear in both spectrums.


Your boots should have a lot of soul that defines your personal style and character. Try not to buy boots that take away from your stature. If you’re a shorter gentleman, a chukka boot or dress boot is more suitable for you.

If you plan on wearing a boot with a suit, the break in the trousers should compliment the height of the boot. For example, if your boot is tall, then there should be a very small break or no break at all.

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Black, cognac and oxblood are the only three colors you need to have versatile setups with different outfits. Keep in mind boots generally run a size larger than normal shoes. If your new boots are leather, and they should be, they should fit pretty snug but not too tight so when the leather gives over time, they will still hug your foot and be wearable.

Now that you have some great tips and pointers, you can’t go wrong. Have fun re-BOOTING this season, and remember:

Don’t hang up those boots till you see the blossoming flowers of spring!